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Jesus Christ and the American Soldier.
One died for your soul; the other for your freedom'



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...Page of Greed...

History from 1920 to modern day.

Our Leaders have let us down

We American's are sick and tired of the greed that has infiltrated wall street and big business. Regular folks like you and me need to fight back by speaking up ! When we don't speak up, special interest groups come in and take over. There are some major changes coming very soon down the road that will change your life. Whether its for good or bad will depend on how much you get involved. I have made a list of websites that you can click on to keep track of how your government is changing your life.

Be a watchdog !!! Check these sites out often.
Keeps you current on how local politicians voted and what key votes are coming up. It also offers ready-made forms to email them your opinion.
Posts the text of major bills, like the stimulus plan, information on special onterest contributions, and a map of where congressional earmarks are going.
Tracks government spending and flags abuses identified by the watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste.
Monitors federal contractors. The official website for the independant Project on Government Oversight, it's also a good place to report wasteful projects.
Allows you to monitor the bank bailout with reports, hearings, details on how the money is spent, and personal stories about the recession.
The Consumer Fedaration of America's site, connects you with local groups that are working on issues important to you and your neighbors.

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